Philips Tasy EMR - Desktop

Philips TASY EMR is a comprehensive solution for the management of private and public healthcare organizations.


Wide-ranging functionality for clinical and non-clinical tasks helps deliver better patient care and operational efficiencies.


TASY is highly flexible with configurable workflow, procedures and performance metrics.

Wide-ranging functionality and

flexible deployment

  • 700 application with clinical and administrative functionalities

  • >1000 customers globally

  • More than 25 updates per year

  • 20 years of product development.

  • Adherent to the private and public sector and several customer segments: hospitals, clinics, blood banks, homecare etc.  

Exploded view

Design principles applied across the system to provide a seamless user experience.

#1 Collective Collaboration

#2 Clear Relevance

#3 Easy Flow

#4 Smart Efficiency

#5 Consistent Support


UX moments

navigation system

UX Moments.png

Automated design system connecting front and back end with configurable business rules. 

Design process

Agile proved as flexible and efficient to deliver high quality over the 3 years of the migration project. 



Patient journey web app

Designing, testing and measuring usability and performance to improve user experience