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Hydroponics growing system inspired by peoples' insights 

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Designed with a consistent styling, its aligned with Electrolux brand values; it was conceived by people's insight, easily understandable on function and usage, aesthetically appealing, sustainable and provides an amazing experience on seeing the growing plants.

This project was developed in collaboration with Jorge Lopes, PhD (RCA) and it was selected as Electrolux Design Lab 2006 finalist. 


Value Matrix


More than ever consumers are demanding for quality and healthy. The food industry rushes to provide new and interesting foods to meet the changing needs and desires of consumers. Food labels promise less fat, fewer calories, and more flavour for people who spend an average of 30min preparing dinner according to a recent study conducted by one of the UK's supermarket chain. GM, added vitamins, fridge dinner, lap dinner, key board buffet, liquid food, food gels... we are demanding faster faddish way to consume. We are living longer, marring later, divorce quicker, work harder and trying to get away from the doctor.

In the future, however, this scenario might possibly change depends on lifestyles and market segmentation. In 10 years time Generation Y, people in their 20's, will emerge as an adults with new moral and ethics standards and this will have a dramatically change in their way of dealing with the world. Companies, products and services must to adapt on it.

Environmental friendly, which was once a differential, will become prerequisite. Places will become less demarcated, form will merge with function, function with science, science with nature... Houses will become

machines for thinking, as well as machines for living..... place to revive the spirit, rather than wash the body... food to play with, rather than just get stuffed.

Our approach was to close the gap between people's dream on healthy food and also social and cultural changes on lifestyle. Desk research, market observation and also talking to the people on different ages were used as a methodology to collect pure source of information. The insights from the research process were bounded together with a beauty concept: A rounded form which encapsulates a lively experience.

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